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Mr. Hill,


But make it Abolish Abortion!



Florida House Representative Mike Hill (R-District 1) has made headlines lately because he said God told him to remove exceptions that he had included in his previous heartbeat bill (HB 235, which was introduced and died in the 2019 session - see "Florida's Pro Life Bills.")

“As plain as day, God spoke to me. He said that wasn’t my bill, talking about the heartbeat detection bill that I filed. He said that wasn’t my bill."

Representative Hill went on to say that he knew exactly what God was telling him - to refile his bill, but model it after the Alabama abortion law that recently went into effect.

WAIT. WHAT!?!?!?

It's hard to tell which bill has more exceptions -- Mr. Hill's dead heartbeat bill, or the Alabama law. Both have loopholes big enough to throw under the bus almost every baby waiting to be born.

First and foremost, any bill that does not ban all abortion inversely permits some abortion under the "right" (wrong) circumstances. There's no other way around it: to regulate murder is to allow murder to continue. Any regulatory bill must therefore be seen as evil.

House Bill 235 (along with the companion bill filed by Senator Dennis Baxley, SB792) promised to protect every baby with a heartbeat.


Except it wouldn't. It couldn't. The catchy heartbeat bill jingle was:


"If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected."

That means if a heartbeat is not detected, the baby is fair game. It expressly permits the murder of every baby whose heart is not yet beating, or whose already-beating heart cannot be heard. The bill would not have required a vaginal ultrasound, which detects heartbeats much earlier than abdominal. In fact, an abdominal ultrasound can miss heartbeats for 8-10 weeks! Since over 90% of Florida's abortions occur during the first trimester, this bill would have protected almost no one. For even more on why heartbeat bills are so flawed, see the testimony of obstetric ultrasound expert Sarah Cleveland, as she attempts to talk sense into Ohio lawmakers hell-bent on their own heartbeat legislation. Too bad they didn't listen to her.

Further, besides the standard conciliatory exceptions for "life/health of the mother" (by the way, abortion is never medically necessary to save a woman's life), HB 235 had exceptions for rape, incest, sex trafficking, and even domestic violence. In fact, if any of those situations were claimed and had been reported to law enforcement, it was forbidden to even mention a heartbeat to the murdering mom! The second line of that catchy jingle should have been:


"...But if there's a police report, you can abort."

Abolish Abortion Florida confronted Representative Hill and Senator Baxley at the press conference announcing their heartbeat bill. Along with other abolitionists, we later met with Senator Baxley and exhorted him (to no avail) to amend the bill to completely abolish all abortion. Needless to say, the "victory" of the iniquitous heartbeat bill's failure was far overshadowed by the tragedy that once again, pro life politicians were playing political football with the bloody corpses of the preborn.

We are thus quite encouraged that God explicitly told Mr. Hill, "You remove those exceptions and you file it again." However, we are quite dismayed that he intends to emulate Alabama!

The only positive about the Alabama bill was its preamble. Blogger Bill Fortenberry retorted, "There really isn't anything else that's good about this bill, so let's just move on."

Siena Hoefling scathingly referred to the bill as "The Alabama Pro Life Fraud."

True, the law omits exceptions for rape or incest. But it has the catch-all exception for mental health of the mother. That can cover just about anything. In addition, it has exceptions for life of the mother, health of the mother, and vaguely-defined "medical emergency." Even worse, two of its most glaring "exceptions" are not even listed as exceptions: ectopic babies and "terminally ill" preborn babies. Murdering these little ones wouldn't even count as an abortion!

Forget the 99-year threat to the hired baby-killers -- the bill has no teeth. There is no reporting requirement -- no way to even know whether the paid assassin has complied with or broken the law. Alabama Governor Ivey admitted it's basically unenforceable. And the bill itself expressly announces that no mother (no father, no grandparents dragging their pregnant teen to the kill mill) will be prosecuted for murdering her child. There are many problems with failure to prosecute a murdering parent. Even the Roe court scoffed at Texas's milktoast refusal to charge an aborting woman with a crime. As abolitionist Patte Smith puts it: "Non-prosecution plus non-enforcement equals non-sense."

Mr. Hill, Abolish Abortion Florida has no doubt that God has in fact spoken to you. We pray you will be obedient to Him. We urge you to file a bill with NO exceptions. Not for rape, incest, life/health of the mother, no exceptions for a heart unheard, no exceptions for tubal babies, no exceptions for desperately ill babies. No abortions, period! We urge you to stop strategizing how to get a test case before the US Supreme Court in an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade, but to actually DEFY Roe, and if necessary, actively resist any federal efforts to squelch Florida's right to outlaw murder. After all, Florida is already defying SCOTUS to smoke weed!

We urge you to study the righteous bills of total abolition filed by brave legislators in six states, and model your language after theirs instead of Alabama's!

We urge you to also be obedient to God's written word, as He promised to turn his face away from anyone ignoring the sacrifice of children to false idols.

If you author a righteous bill of abolition, you will be doing your part to establish justice for the preborn, and possibly avert the wrathful judgment of the Lord for the blood guilt defiling our land. Do so, and Abolish Abortion Florida will support you in every way possible. We will garner every Floridian we can to stand with you, and we will demand the passage of such an act. We will hound the committee chairs, the Speaker, the Senate President, and the Governor himself to pass the bill into law. We will make every effort to come to the state capitol every day of session to exhort the civil authorities to do their job.

If you write a weak bill, you will fail the least of these, whom God has given you the authority and duty to protect. In that case, you will have a much bigger problem than mere mortals. You and God know what He told you, and you will answer to Him some day. We pray you do the right thing!

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