Every year, Florida files numerous pro-life bills. Some have more restrictions than others. The vast majority have died in committee without ever being passed into law or even getting so far as the Governor's desk. A great many have been passed, only to be stricken or blocked by various courts.


    Florida's politicians seem intent on regulating abortion rather than abolishing it. Under the mistaken belief that Roe v. Wade and its evil progeny are "the law of the land," they scheme about how far they can go to get a case before the US Supreme Court, in the hopes that SCOTUS will reverse itself and its iniquitous decrees.


    Some of the most recent attempts to regulate murder in the 2020 session were a heartbeat bill (which died in committee), and a parental consent bill, which passed into law.


    What foolishness will Florida's pro-life legislators think up next session? Time will tell.


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