• Righteous Bills of Abolition

    Multiple states have filed bills of complete abolition of abortion in defiance of Roe v. Wade. They are prepared, in essence, to tell the Supreme Court to POUND SAND.

    Who is the biggest enemy of a bill of complete abolition?

    Not Planned Parenthood.

    Not pro-abortion feminists.

    Not radical leftists.

    The biggest enemy of abolitionism is


    Specifically, state Right to Life groups!



    HB178: Alaska Life at Conception Act

    Representative David Eastman has filed HB 178, the Alaska Life at Conception Act. The bill outlaws abortion from the moment of conception.

    Read an article about the bill here

    Read the actual bill here


    Life at Conception Act

    Representative Walt Blackman is preparing to file the "Life at Conception Act" on the Rally for Life on January 22, 2021 (the 48th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision).

    Further details and a copy of the bill will be posted once it has been filed and becomes available for public viewing.


    Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act

    Representative Heather Scott initially authored this act with former representative John Greene. They decided that since abortion is already murder, it's high time to start treating it as such.


    Ms. Scott has reintroduced the bill in the current session to force Idaho to acknowledge and enforce its own laws!


    Read more about the Act HERE.


    Protection at Conception Act.

    Representative Curt Nisley introduced -- for the THIRD TIME -- the Protection at Conception Act. And yes, HB 1430 was fought against by PRO LIFE Republicans!


    Read the actual Bill HERE


    Former House Representative Mike Moon has filed bills to ban abortion for the past 7-1/2 years. His most recent house bill in 2020 was killed in committee by a PRO-LIFE Republican, Sheila Solon, who denied the bill a hearing.


    Mr. Moon has now been elected to the Missouri state senate, and has filed Senate Bill 391 to outlaw abortion entirely.




    Equal Justice and Equal Protection Act

    Newly-elected Senator Warren Hamilton filed SB 495, the Equal Justice and Equal Protection Act.




    The bill was voted down by a senate subcommittee, a majority of whom were PRO LIFE REPUBLICANS, on February 3, 2021. Read here to read about the defeat of the bill.

    Senator Joseph Silk had previously introduced Senate Bill 13. Both times, his bill was fought by PRO LIFE Republicans in the House and Senate, as well as several Oklahoma churches.


    Senator Silk was defeated in 2020's congressional primary.


    Click the video to watch, or

    read the former Bill HERE.


    Soon to be filed

    Representative Bryan Slaton has announced he will soon be filing a bill to abolish abortion in Texas. Representative Slaton is also filing a bill to declare Roe v. Wade unconstitutional.



    We will provide a link these bills once they have been filed.


    In the meantime, Rep. Slaton proposed a new house rule that no bill renaming a bridge or road could be voted on until the house had voted on bills to abolish abortion! The proposed rule was defeated, but multiple representatives voted in favor of it. An article about the proposed house rule is here:


    Representative Tony Tinderholt previously sponsored HB 896, The Abolition of Abortion Act. It was struck down by Pro Life Republicans.


    Click the pic or click HERE to read Mr. Tinderholt's bill.


    HB 2154: Abolition of Abortion in Washington

    Representative Matt Shea filed an abolitionist bill that would have abolished ALL abortion, nullified Roe v. Wade and any other iniquitous decree or court ruling that attempts to overturn it. HB2154 even called for the arrest of any federal official attempting to interfere with Washington state for abolishing the abomination of abortion!

    Unfortunately, the bill died in committee.


    Since Mr. Shea did not run for re-election, it is unknown if another brave legislator will step forward to file a bill of abolition.


    Read Mr. Shea's previous bill here:


    Let's go, Florida! Get on the stick and ABOLISH child sacrifice in our state!

    AbolishAbortionFlorida has produced a prototype bill - model legislation! View it here and ask your House Rep and Senator to file it, then join our mailing list below to rally in support when they do!

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