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    Please feel free to download, print, and distribute any of the resources on this page. Using any documents herein constitutes your agreement with these terms:

    1) You are a Christian in agreement with the
    Five Tenets of Abolitionism;

    2) You agree to behave in a Biblical and Christlike manner at all times while engaging with others regarding abortion, and

    3) You agree that abolitionism must never intentionally provoke, promote, nor condone violence.

    Abolish Abortion Florida "One-Pager" Brochure

    A trifold brochure that gives Florida's dismal child sacrifice statistics, pro-life failures, demand for abolition, and website/contact information. This can be printed on both sides of a single sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" paper. PDF format.

    10 Reasons Why EVERY Christian Must Oppose EVERY Heartbeat Bill

    This brochure spells out ten reasons why every single heartbeat law, heartbeat bill and heartbeat amendment are Biblically unjust and procedurally flawed. As of early 2022, Florida not only has a pending heartbeat bill to be considered in the legislative session, but also we have a citizen's initiative to amend our very state constitution to add a heartbeat amendment! This is actually catastrophic for the rights of the preborn! This brochure is an essential tool for anybody in any state to oppose any heartbeat act, law, or amendment!!

    A Step-by-Step Plan to Abolish Abortion in Florida

    This is what any governor can do toward abolishing abortion. The governor cannot make law, but he has a great deal of power as the chief executive of the state, and he can certainly drive the lawmakers. This tri-fold brochure is the perfect companion to the "one-pager" above. in PDF format.

    Petition to Abolish Abortion in Florida

    This is identical to the online petition. You can direct anyone to sign online. Or you could print these out, put them on a clipboard, and go to town (literally!) to get signatures. Once you have a full sheet of ten signatures, you can mail them to us, scan and email, or simply take a crisp and clear photo of the signature page and send to us. These are non-binding and have no legal force; however, they may be used to raise awareness and drive home the point -- to our lawmakers and our Governor -- that Floridians are sick and tired of child sacrifice being regulated like it's health care!
    PRO TIP 1: We print these with the back page upside-down from the front page. That way, when they're on a clipboard, the signer can read the front page, then flip up the back page to read and sign without removing the paper from the clipboard.
    PRO TIP 2: If you don't have a clipboard, use a sturdy piece of 8-1/2 x 11" cardboard with a strong rubberband . Voila, instant clipboard.
    PRO TIP 3: Have several clipboards/cardboards & pens available to hand out so multiple people can sign at once, thus avoiding having to stand around and wait. We don't put more than 10 blank pages on a single clipboard, in case somebody gets cute and walks off with it. Once a sheet is full of signatures, put it someplace else where pro-aborts will not be tempted to steal it/wad it/tear it up.
    PRO TIP 4: Ask people if they'd like to sign a petition to defend all life and end child sacrifice. If someone brushes you off or is rude, don't follow them around and yell at them that they support murder. Just smile, say "Thank you," and go quickly to the next person. <-- That tip is from Cal Zastrow, petitioner extraordinaire and devout brother in Christ.
    PRO TIP 5: LOOK at the info written to make sure it's readable. It's amazing how many people cannot print legibly, misspell their own address, forget their zip code, etc. If it's not readable, ask them for clarification.

    EPIC Act

    A Model Abolitionist Bill

    The "Equal Protection from the Instant of Conception" Act. This is a prototype bill that could be filed in Florida. It provides equal protection to every human being -- from conception, without exception -- and it also outlaws the sale or purchase of abortion and abortifacient drugs. Any Florida legislator could take this model, submit it to his or her bill writing staff, and sponsor it as a bill of complete abolition.

    What the Bible Says 

    About Abortion

    A tri-fold Brochure for the

    Baby Killing Mill

    This is a brochure to hand to murder-minded parents and their accomplices outside the child sacrifice center. It lays out the Scripture that calls murder what it is, convicts the killer of his/her/their sin, and provides the Gospel. It is best printed in color on 8-1/2 x 11" light-weight, glossy brochure paper, but any paper or even light cardstock will do. Trust in God's providence, however you print. Has space on the back for you to stamp or write your own contact information.

    Open Letter to the Police

    A Flyer from

    Operation Save America

    A PDF half-fold brochure to print -- preferably in color on lightweight glossy paper -- and give to your local law enforcement officer. This lays out the Biblical duty of the police officer to interpose between the innocent citizen and the upper magistrates. LEOs often pretend they cannot take literature while on duty. We have had somewhat better luck offering these as if they were evidence: "This will clue you in on our motives for being out here today." The bottom line is, if God wants them to see it, He will arrange it to happen. Provided free by OperationSaveAmerica.org . Be sure to go to OSA's website for even more downloadables.

    The State is Not God

    A Flyer from The Lesser Magistrate Project

    The State -- that is, the government -- is out of control. We, the people, need to put ourselves back in the driver's seat. Available in full color for beautiful glossy prints, or a high-quality B&W version. These files are provided free courtesy of Lessermagistrate.com, and you can also order bulk quantities from them.

    The Federal Government is 

    Out of Control

    Another half-fold flyer from the Lesser Magistrate Project. Available in color and high-quality black and white.

    Is it Time for Them to Do it Again?

    A half-fold brochure regarding the Joshua Glover incident in 1859. Available in full color, or high-quality B&W.
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