Floridian lawmakers cling to the fallacy that our state is powerless to stop the murder of innocent preborn children. We need YOUR help, dear Christian, in exhorting them to provide EQUAL PROTECTION and EQUAL JUSTICE to the preborn!


    Every year, Florida files numerous pro-life, regulatory bills. The majority have died in committee without ever being passed into law or even getting so far as the Governor's desk. A great many have been passed, only to be immediately stricken or blocked by various courts.


    All prolife bills are FAILURES in several critical ways:

    • They FAIL to abolish murder by abortion, regulating it as if it were healthcare.

    • They FAIL to provide equal protection to all preborn humans, allowing the murder of babies whose hearts cannot be externally detected, for example; or who cannot survive on their own outside the womb; or those who may not yet be able to feel pain.

    • They FAIL to provide equal justice for the murder of preborn humans, refusing to prosecute mothers who murder their children. No matter whom they do punish for violations, the charges and penalties are not equal to the murder of already-born humans.

    • They FAIL to nullify evil laws and/or court rulings such as Roe v. Wade. Instead, they legitimize judicial supremacy by kowtowing to SCOTUS.

    Florida's politicians seem intent on regulating abortion rather than abolishing it. Under the mistaken belief that Roe v. Wade and its evil progeny were "the law of the land," they schemed about how far they can go to get a case before the US Supreme Court, in the hopes that SCOTUS will reverse itself and its iniquitous decrees.


    2022 SESSION
    HB 167 Heartbeat Bill - Webster Barnaby filed a Texas style heartbeat bill. His version had multiple exceptions. It died in the Professions and Public Health Committee without ever being heard. No equivalent senate bill was filed. This bill would NOT criminalize abortion at all; instead, it would allow the public to sue abortion providers if a heartbeat is detected. For more in-depth analysis of the numerous failures of a heartbeat bill, click here.


    HB5 Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality - This is a 15-week ban bill attempting to cleverly hide itself inside a bill claiming to reduce fetal and infant mortality by discouraging smoking. While many aspects of the bill are good, the real intent of the 15-week ban portion of the bill is to mirror the Dobbs case, which as we now know, led to the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Again, the thinking is not Biblical obedience to God by punishing the evildoer, but by regulating and "chipping away" at child sacrifice.

    HB5 is not really designed to reduce abortions. The current time limit on Florida abortions is 24 weeks from fertilization. This bill would calculate gestation from the last menstrual period ("LMP"). Even though HB5 would lower the abortion window from 24 to 15 weeks, 94-95% of all Florida abortions for the past three years have been performed prior to 15 weeks LMP. The bill has exceptions for life of the mother and for "fatal fetal conditions." Adding in these exceptions likely means that 98% of all abortions would not be hindered. Mothers are likely to just move faster to kill their children before the deadline, so it will be interesting to see if the abortion rate goes down at all.

    The bill has passed through two committees and is expected to pass its final committee.

    SB146 is the Senate version of the 15-week bill. As of this writing, the two bills are not identical, but are similar. SB146 has passed one of its two committees and as of this writing, has not been scheduled for hearing in its final committee.

    Governor DeSantis termed the 15-week ban as a "reasonable" bill and said he will sign this ridiculous pro life regulation into law if passed.


    2021 SESSION

    Disability Abortion Ban (house version passed, senate version died). This bill said you can't kill your kid for just any old disability - but you can kill them for some. Or you can just kill them because you want to kill them. See more analysis of this bill's failures here.

    Pain-Capability Ban (died in committee). This would have been a 20-week ban. See more analysis of the failures of this bill here.

    Fetal Remains Burial (died in committee). This bill was filed by Webster Barnaby, after he promised Abolish Abortion Florida he would file a bill to ban all abortion upon his election. This bill is a pathetic joke that pretends to "honor" the murder victim by insisting his or her corpse is properly buried after death. It's okay to kill 'em as long as you bury 'em. This bill was not even worth wasting the time to write an analysis of its failures.



    2020 SESSION

    Heartbeat bill revised (died in committee). This was the bill that Representative Mike Hill filed AFTER he said God spoke to him directly and told him to "remove those exceptions" from his previous heartbeat bill. After he made this announcement, but before the bill had been filed, a group of us drove several hours to meet with Mr. Hill at his office in Pensacola. We met with him for over an hour. He told us he would consider amending the bill to abolish abortion. Abolish Abortion Florida urged and encouraged him to "File that Bill, Mr. Hill!" But he did not obey God to remove the biggest exception of all: the heartbeat qualifier. In the end, God killed his bill.

    Parental consent bill (passed & signed into law). This was a pro life bill filed by Rep Erin Grall and fast-tracked through the legislature. The bill pretends to be concerned about the welfare of minor-age children because a previous state supreme court decision had claimed that Florida's privacy act gives a minor child the right to kill her baby without her parent's consent. The intent of the bill is actually to challenge the FL Supreme Court to overturn its earlier ruling, now that Gov. DeSantis has fired the liberal justices and installed conservatives.


    2019 SESSION

    Heartbeat bill (died in committee). This was Rep. Mike Hill's first heartbeat bill, before God spoke to him and told him to remove the exceptions. Senator Dennis Baxley wrote the senate version. Abolish Abortion Florida confronted the authors of this bill during their press release at the Capitol and were threatened with forced removal by Linda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life. We wrote a scathing article about the numerous failures of this bill, and another one about heartbeat bills in general. We met with Mr. Baxley at his office. But in the end, neither Mr. Hill nor Mr. Baxley amended their bills. They died in committee.

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