Florida's October 2022 Killing Stats

AHCA's Latest Report Raises Some Questions

AHCA's October report was released - showing kill stats for the previous month. Abolish Abortion Florida had some questions about the report and we're awaiting responses. So far this year, 57,067 babies have been executed in Florida. This represents 5,749 babies in the past month (this figure is derived by comparing last month's YTD totals with this month's).

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771 of those babies were brought here from other states. 4,201 out-of-state babies have been put to death here so far this year (see AHCA's county-by-county stats here).

Seven babies have been born alive this year during Florida abortions. What happened to them? AHCA doesn't track that. Nobody knows, and nobody seems to care.

I noticed the October report does not define how AHCA is calculating length of gestation. That left confusion, since the 15-week law requires AHCA to count gestation from last menstrual period instead of how they have calculated it for decades: from fertilization. Yet as late as last month's report, AHCA had not yet switched to the the new LMP gestation formula. So I've filed a public information request and asked how they're counting.

I also noticed AHCA has added in a new statistic for the number of abortions as the result of human trafficking. So far no trafficking abortions have been listed. This new reporting is one of the new mandates in the 15-week bill. Seriously though, how many trafficking victims are going to tell the abortionist they're being trafficked? Abortion mills already ignore it when much older men bring in much younger girls. They don't care what's going on as long as they get their blood money.

Finally, AHCA is listing the number of abortions due to "fatal fetal abnormalities" as dictated by the new 15-week law. Of course we don't know what those are, because the law itself is too vague to list any. Still, we don't know if the number listed as "2nd trimester" means the second 12 weeks from fertilization, 15 weeks from LMP, or something else. It's confusing, with absolutely zero explanation offered on the report.

The bottom line, unfortunately, is that even with "the strongest pro-life protection" Florida's ever had, babies are being butchered here by the thousands. And all this by permission of the Florida legislature and Governor DeSantis. With solid approval by pro-life leaders such as John Stemberger of the Florida Family Policy Council and Linda Bell of Florida Right to Life.

Until we exit the "pro-life" hamster wheel and treat child murder for what it is, the mass genocide of the preborn will continue. God help us to rise up and demand nothing less. #AbolishAbortionFlorida