This list represents our research, surveys and/or conversations with the candidates. It lists their views on abortion and the exceptions they support (if any), as well as any other supporting information we have. You can then look them up and make a more informed decision. We have highlighted those whom we are officially endorsing or whom we believe to be allies. We relied extensively on the ivoterguide.com surveys that highlighted the candidates' values, their views on abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, CRT, gender-bending and 2A views, and lists their websites, phone numbers, and social media pages.






    ABOLITIONIST = A vetted, protestant Christian abolitionist candidate who will file/co-sponsor only a bill of total abolition -- from conception, without exception, including equal prosecution, and will oppose any and all pro-life regulation bills.

    AAFL = Abolish Abortion Florida

    ALLY = Supports no exceptions, needs more vetting before endorsement

    ANTI-ABO = Has openly expressed hostility toward abolitionism &/or abolitionists

    AS/EU = Assisted Suicide /Euthanasia.

    BOTH = Will support a bill of abolition and a pro-life regulatory bill.

    CC = Constitutional Carry

    FFA = Supports fatal fetal anomaly exception

    FFPC = current or previous endorsement by Florida Family Policy Council

    FRL = current or previous endorsement by Florida Right to Life

    UGM = Supports or refuses to answer about gay marriage

    HB = Supports a heartbeat bill HOM = Supports a broader health of the mother exception

    HT = Supports a human trafficking exception to abortion

    IMMEDIATIST = Non-Christian who supports complete abolition & criminalization

    I = Supports incest exception

    LDS = Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

    LOM = Supports life of mother exception

    PFL = current or previous endorsement by Personhood Florida

    PL= Pro Life

    R = Supports rape exception

    RC = Roman Catholic

    Uncontested= they are the only candidate in their party for that district.

    Unopposed= they are the only candidate in that district. Nobody else is running.


    HD 1

    Michelle Salzman (incumbent) - PL, opposed CC and is on the board of Equality Florida, a pro-LGBT org.

    HD 2

    Alex Andrade (incumbent) – PL, LOM,  ANTI-ABO

    HD 3

    Joel Rudman –RC,  PL physician, says we must “fight against the killing of the unborn”

    HD 4

    Pat Maney - unopposed. Voted Yes on 15-wk ban

    HD 5

    Clint Pate - Possible Ally, supports BOTH
    Shane Abbott – PL, supports 15-week ban
    Vance D. Coley - PL, LOM Christian

    HD 6

    Brian Clowdus – “100% PL”
    Grif Griffits – PL, LOM

    HD 7

    Jason Shoaf - Uncontested 

    HD 8

    Curt Bender - Uncontested 

    HD 9

    Democrat unopposed  - Allison Tant WILL be your rep. 

    HD 10

    Charles "Chuck" Brannan - Incumbent, Unopposed. PL, killed CC bill in his committee. 

    HD 11

    Sam Garrison - Uncontested. 

    HD 12

    Wayne Duggan - Uncontested. 

    HD 13

    La'Cierra Masline - No Party, possible ALLY
    (Other candidates are Dems; no Repubs) 

    HD 14

    4 Dems and a No-Party with Democrat/liberal ties 

    HD 15

    Dean Black - PL, LOM, Christian
    Emily Nunez - PL, LOM, Christian 

    HD 16

    Ms. Kiyan Michael – PL, LOM
    Mr. Lake Ray - PL RC
    Chet Stokes – Possible ALLY 

    HD 17

    Jessica Baker - PL, has 2 small children.
    Christina Meredith - PL, Christian, former Ms. California, author of “Cinder Girl” about her childhood of severe abuse and the foster system.

    HD 18

    Cyndi Stevenson - Uncontested. 

    HD 19

    Paul Renner - PL, Uncontested - INCOMING SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.

    HD 20

    Bobby Payne – PL, praises 15 week ban

    HD 21

    Hollye Merton – uncontested. Views unknown​ 

    HD 22

    Chuck Clemons – Incumbent. Voted Yes on 15-wk ban

    HD 23

    Ralph E. Massullo Jr. – PL , FFA

    HD 24

    Joe Harding - Uncontested.

    HD 25

    Taylor Yarkosky PL-LOM
    Liz Cornell PL 

    HD 26

    Keith Trunow - Uncontested.

    HD 27

    Stan McClain - Uncontested. 

    HD 28

    Tom Leek - Uncontested.

    HD 29

    Webster Barnaby – PL , has indicated he's filing an "abolish abortion" bill but has also indicated he does not support equal justice for killers of the preborn.
    Elizabeth Fetterhoff – PL, co-sponsored 15 wk bill
    (Both these candidates were incumbents in separate districts, but redistricting brought them into competition with each other.)

    HD 30

    Robyn Hattaway – Views unknown
    Chase Tramont – PL, LOM

    HD 31

    Tyler Sirois - Uncontested. 

    HD 32

    Thad Altman - Uncontested.

    HD 33

    Randy Fine - Uncontested.

    HD 34

    Robert Brackett - PL, former mayor of Vero Beach
    Karen Hiltz - PL, LOM, endorsed by PFL 

    HD 35

    Fred Hawkins – PL, LOM
    Dianna Liebnitzky – views unknown

    HD 36

    Rachel Plakon – PL, very vague on her stance. Wife of former rep Scott Plakon. Did not respond to our survey.

    HD 37

    Susan Placencia – PL, does not support equal prosecution for preborn homicide
    Chris Starke – NO!!! Supports abortion & assisted suicide! Might as well be a democrat!

    HD 38

    David Smith – Supports pro life regs only. Took Disney $. Does not support CC. One of his special interest bills was vetoed by the Governor. Did not return the AAFL survey & has blocked almost anybody who has disagreed with him on almost anything. 

    HD 39

    Doug Bankson – possible ALLY. Indicates ABO views but did not respond to calls/texts/emails/or our survey

    HD 40

    Nate Robertson - Uncontested. 

    HD 41

    4 Dems & a Green Party. No conservatives running.

    HD 42

    Bonnie Jackson - PL, HB

    HD 43

    Jay Rodriguez PL, R, I, LOM 
    Christopher Wright - PL, Exceptions unknown

    HD 44

    2 Dems. No Conservatives.  

    HD 45

    Carolina Amesty – PL, LOM
    Vienna Francois – Vague, sounds PL
    Janet Frevola – No info available
    Bruno Portigliatti PL – “will support the governor’s agenda”
    Mike Zhao – PL -R, I, LOM

    HD 46

    Christian De la Torre - Uncontested

    HD 47

    Paul A. Stark - Uncontested 

    HD 48

    Sam Killebrew - Uncontested

    HD 49

    Melony Bell - Uncontested

    HD 50

    Jennifer Canady - PL, views unknown
    Phillip Walker - PL, LOM 

    HD 51

    Bill Olsen - PL, HB
    Josie Tomkow - Incumbent.  PL. Voted Yes on 15 wk ban 

    HD 52

    Rock Daze - PL, Both 
    John Temple - PL views vague

    HD 53

    Jeff Holcomb - PL, Possible ALLY, did good job removing child porn books from library as Co. Commissioner. 
    Anthony Kokovic - PL, views unknown

    HD 54

    Ryan Otwell - ALLY
    Randy Maggard - Uncontested

    HD 55

    (Note: CJ is with the Constitution Party and has bypassed the primary. He WILL be on the Nov. ballot!) 
    Pastor Gabriel Papadapoulos – Possible 
    Brad Solberger – LOM
    Kevin Steele – PL, Views unknown

    HD 56

    Jayden Cocuzza – PL, LOM
    Scott Moore – Possible ALLY
    Brad Yeager – PL, LOM

    HD 57

    Adam Anderson – PL – R, I
    Austin Brownfield PL – R, I, HOM are “a choice between woman & her doctor”

    HD 58

    Kim Berfield – PL
    Jason Holloway PL
    Jim Vricos – PL, R

    HD 59

    Berny Jacques – Possible ALLY – supports no exceptions
    Jennifer Wilson – Views unknown
    Deepak Nadkarni – Views unknown

    HD 60

    Audrey Henson - Uncontested.

    HD 61

    Linda Chaney - Uncontested. No relation to Liz Cheney.

    HD 62

    Jeremy M. Brown - Uncontested.

    HD 63

    Democrat running unopposed. Dee Hart WILL be the rep :( 

    HD 64

    Maura Cruz Lanz - Uncontested

    HD 65

    Karen Gonzalez Pittman PL, supports 15 wk ban, “choose not to answer” on GM
    Jake Hoffman – views unknown
    Michael Minardi - RC, PL, R, I, LOM, HT "liberal-leaning" per ivoterguide.

    HD 66

    Tracy Koster - Uncontested

    HD 67

    Lisette Bonano - Uncontested

    HD 68

    Paul Hatfield - PL, HOM
    Lawrence McClure - "100% pro-life"  . . . whatever that means 

    HD 69

    Daniel “Danny” Alvarez – PL, R, I, LOM
    Megan Angel Petty – PL, LOM

    HD 70

    Mike Beltran - RC, PL, Uncontested. Filed a bill to remove obscenity in schools & public libraries. It was killed in committee. 

    HD 71

    Will Robinson - Uncontested

    HD 72

    Tommy Gregory - Uncontested

    HD 73

    Fiona McFarland - Uncontested.

    HD 74

    James Buchanan - Uncontested.

    HD 75

    Michael Grant - Uncontested.

    HD 76

    Spencer Roach - Uncontested.

    HD 77

    Ford O'Connell - Possible Ally 
    Tiffany O'Donnell - PL "Defender of life at all stages - support pro-life policies."

    HD 78

    Jenna Persons-Mulica - Uncontested. Co-author of the 15-wk bill. 

    HD 79

    Mike Gialombardo - Uncontested

    HD 80

    Adam Botana - Uncontested

    HD 81

    Bob Rommel - Uncontested

    HD 82

    Lauren Uhlich Melo - Uncontested

    HD 83

    Kaylee Tuck - Uncontested

    HD 84

    Dana Lee Trabulsy - Uncontested

    HD 85

    Toby Oberdorf - Uncontested

    HD 86

    John Snyder - Uncontested

    HD 87

    Mike Caruso – Incumbent. Voted Yes on 15-wk ban
    Jane Justice – PL, R, LOM

    HD 88

    Roz Stevens - Uncontested.

    HD 89

    Daniel Judiel Zapata - Uncontested.

    HD 90

    Keith Feit - Uncontested.

    HD 91

    Christina Ducasse – PL “will fight for rights of all people, including the unborn.”
    Peggy Gossett-Seidman – Highland Beach Commissioner - Views unknown

    HD 92

    Dorcas Hernandez - Uncontested

    HD 93

    Saulis Banionis - Uncontested

    HD 94

    Rick Roth - Uncontested

    HD 95

    Democrat unopposed - Christine Hunchofsky WILL be your rep. :/ 

    HD 96

    Jenna Hague - Uncontested

    HD 97

    3 Dems.  Sorry. 

    HD 98

    2 Dems.

    HD 99

    2 Dems.

    HD 100

    Chip LaMarca - Uncontested.

    HD 101

    Guy Silla - Uncontested.

    HD 102

    Democrat unopposed. Michael Gottlieb WILL be your rep. 

    HD 103

    George Navarini - Uncontested

    HD 104

    Democrat unopposed. Felicia Simone Robinson WILL be your rep. 

    HD 105

    Vincent Parlatore - Uncontested. 

    HD 106

    Fabian Basabe – views unknown, “leans liberal” per ivoterguide
    Douglas John Ross – Basically a pro-choice liberal. Supports 15-wk ban with so many exceptions it might as well not be a ban at all.  
    Lynn Su Sutjapojnukul – PL Buddhist, R, I, LOM, HT

    HD 107

    2 Democrats including 1 incumbent
    Pierre M. Prime – No party, no information

    HD 108

    4 Dems including 1 incumbent.

    HD 109

    2 Dems including 1 incumbent. 

    HD 110

    Tom Fabricio - Uncontested.

    HD 111

    David Borerro - Uncontested.

    HD 112

    Alex Rizzo - Uncontested.

    HD 113

    Vicki Lopez – RC, PL, R, I, LOM
    Alberto Perosch – PL, “all unborn life must be protected”

    HD 114

    Demi Busatta Cabrera - Uncontested

    HD 115

    Alina Garcia - Uncontested

    HD 116

    Daniel A. Perez - Uncontested

    HD 117

    Democrat Incumbent unopposed: Kevin Chambliss WILL be your rep. 

    HD 118

    Juan Fernandez-Barquin – PL, supports 15 wk ban
    Francisco Rodriguez - RC PL w/no exceptions. Anti-abolitionist but may be persuadable.
    Daniel Sotelo –  Cuban, PL, Exceptions unknown.

    HD 119

    Juan Carlos Porras – RC, PL, No exceptions
    Rob Gonzalez -PL, thinks our 15-week ban “should be a little stricter.”
    Jose Soto – PL, R, wouldn’t answer AS/EU
    Ashley Alvarez – PL, no exceptions
    Ricky Tsay – No mention of his views on abortion

    HD 120

    James “Jim” Mooney Jr. -incumbent – PL, voted for 15-wk ban
    Rhonda Rebman Lopez – RC, Vague on abortion “life is sacred, federal govt. should not interfere with states’ rights.”
    Robert Scott Allen – no website, no info


    SD 1

    Doug Broxson - Incumbent, PL 
    John Mills - PL, LOM

    SD 2

    Regina Piazza - PL
    Jay Trumbull - Incumbent  

    SD 3

    Cory Simon - Uncontested

    SD 4

    Clay Yarborough - Uncontested 

    SD 5

    Binod Kumar - Uncontested 

    SD 6

    Jennifer Bradley - Unopposed. Was given a copy of the model bill along with a copy of Matt Trewhella's "Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates." She is a practicing attorney. Her aide became belligerent when confronted about the false narrative that FL couldn't defy the supreme court to outlaw abortion (pre-Roe) even though FL is defying the supreme court (and federal law) by legalizing weed.  Call her to repent.

    SD 7

    Travis Hutson - Incumbent. A prominent RE developer. He is purported to have written bills that appear to directly benefit him. One of his bills was vetoed by the governor in the 2022 session. 

    SD 8

    Tommy Wright - Uncontested, PL

    SD 9

    Keith Perry - Uncontested

    SD 10

    Scott Brodeur - Incumbent, would "consider" AS/EU bills. Was given a copy of AAFL's model bill and declined to file, saying he's going with "leadership."
    Denali Charres - PL, LOM, declined to answer as to AS/EU  

    SD 11

    Blaise Ignolia - Incumbent 

    SD 12

    Colleen Burton - Uncontested. Termed out as state rep. 

    SD 13

    Dennis Baxley - Uncontested. PL. We met with Sen. Baxley in 2019 and tried to get him to file a bill of abolition. He would not.

    SD 14

    Jay Collins - Uncontested. 

    SD 15

    Only Dems, no conservatives. 

    SD 16

    Christina Paylan - Uncontested 

    SD 17

    Steve Dixon - Uncontested 

    SD 18

    Nick DeCeglie - Uncontested 

    SD 19

    Debbie Mayfield - Uncontested 

    SD 20

    Jim Boyd - PL 
    John Houman - PL, HOM, evaded answer re AS/EU 

    SD 21

    Ed Hooper - Uncontested 

    SD 22

    Joe Gruters - Head of Republican Party of FL.  Leans quite liberal for a GOP leader.
    Mike Johnson - No info but has old PL endorsements.   

    SD 23

    Danny Burgess - Uncontested.

    SD 24

    Eric P. Ankner - Uncontested. 

    SD 25

    Peter A. Vivaldi, Jr. - Uncontested. 

    SD 26

    Steve Byers - Possible ALLY 
    Bill Wheelen - PL, LOM

    SD 27

    Ben Albritton, Jr. - Uncontested

    SD 28

    Kathleen Passidomo - Uncontested, Incoming Senate President 

    SD 29

    Erin Grall - RC, PL, Uncontested. Termed-out house rep. Sponsored more PL bills than possibly any other rep in history.  

    SD 30

    William "Bill" Reicherter - Uncontested

    SD 31

    Gayle Harrell - Uncontested 

    SD 32

    Democrat unopposed -  Rosalind Osgood WILL be your senator.

    SD 33

    Jonathan Martin - Uncontested

    SD 34

    3 Dems 

    SD 35

    Ileana Garcia - Uncontested 

    SD 36

    Coming soon 

    SD 37

    Democrat unopposed. Jason Rizzo WILL be your senator.

    SD 38

    Alexis Maria Calatayud - Uncontested 

    SD 39

    Bryan Avila - Uncontested

    SD 40

    Ana Maria Rodriguez - Uncontested.

    US Senate

    US Senate

    Coming soon 

    US House of Representatives

    US 1

    GREG MERK - PREFERRED. Christian, No Exceptions

    US 2

    Neal Dunn - Uncontested 

    US 3

    Justin Waters - ALLY - Will oppose laws that attempt to limit states' rights to regulate abortion
    Manuel Ascencio - Gave a nonsensical answer question of when abortion should be allowed is obsessed with Kat Cammack.
    Kat Cammack - PL, Exceptions Unknown. Voted in favor of Gay Marriage & red flag laws. 

    US 4

    Aaron Bean - Christian, PL
    Erick Aguilar - PL

    US 5

    Coming soon 

    US 6

    Coming soon 

    US 7

    Coming soon 

    US 8

    Coming soon 

    US 9

    Coming soon 

    US 10

    Coming soon 

    US 11

    Coming soon 

    US 12

    Coming soon 

    US 13

    Coming soon 

    US 14

    Coming soon 

    US 15

    Coming soon 

    US 16

    Coming soon 

    US 17

    Coming soon 

    US 18

    Coming soon 

    US 19

    Coming soon 

    US 20

    Coming soon 

    US 21

    Coming soon 

    US 22

    Coming soon 

    US 23

    Coming soon