"Searching for Wilberforce" Calls for House Subcommittee to Hear and Amend HB235

The Christian group "Searching for Wilberforce" has released a new video calling out the Florida House of Representatives' Health Quality Subcommittee, where Florida's "Heartbeat Bill" (HB235) is currently parked. SFW is exhorting the Committee Chair, Representative Colleen Burton, to call up HB235 for hearing and then immediately amend it to be a bill of total abolition. The bill currently sacrifices all preborn babies whose beating hearts cannot yet be externally detected. It also contains exceptions for rape, incest, trafficking, domestic violence, and the so-called "life of the mother." HB235 also fails to prosecute anyone other than the abortionist. The mother has but to sign a waiver in order to get an abortion.

The video's narrator says: "To those who would scoff ... shame on you."

You can watch Searching for Wilberforce's video, "HB235 Amend it Now!" below.

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