Ultrasound Specialist Testifies AGAINST Ohio's Heartbeat Bill

"I can choose to see a heartbeat; I can choose not to."

Abolitionist Sara Cleveland, who has worked as an OB/Gyn ultrasound technician for over a dozen years, testified last week against Ohio's proposed heartbeat bill, SB 23. She opposes the proposed "heartbeat bill" because it not only fails in its intended purpose, but would allow the murders of multitudes of preborn children.

Mrs. Cleveland testified that it is ridiculously easy to manipulate an external ultrasound probe to make the beating heart appear or disappear at will. "I can choose to see a heartbeat; I can choose not to -- depending on how I push the buttons on the machine or how I move the probe."

Mrs. Cleveland also stated that without a transvaginal ultrasound (which is not required by the proposed bill), the heartbeat of a baby under 9 weeks' gestation might be easily missed, even by someone making an honest effort to find it -- let alone by the one person (the abortionist) with a vested interest in not finding a beating heart.

Mrs. Cleveland's testimony was originally reported on the Ministry to the Magistrate blog. A copy of the testimony clip is below.