Abolish Abortion Florida calls for a Bill of Total Abolition

Heartbeat and Pain-Capable Bills Deny Justice to the Preborn

Abolish Abortion Florida (AAFL) is calling for the complete abolition of abortion in Florida. We cry out to the Florida legislature: "DO YOUR JOB and protect every citizen of Florida -- whether already-born or waiting-to-be-born."

AAFL condemns the so-called heartbeat bills, HB 235 and SB792. We also condemn the pain-capable bill, SB558. These bills do NOT protect all babies. In fact, they will not protect those babies most vulnerable to murder:

Preborn children under 9 weeks' gestation are much MORE likely to be murdered by abortion according to the Guttmacher Institute, and much LESS likely to have an externally-detectable heartbeat, according to an ultrasound expert.

Both the House and Senate heartbeat bills are identical.

The heartbeat bills have the following exceptions:

  • Babies conceived in rape can be murdered.
  • Babies conceived during incest can be executed. 
  • Babies conceived as a result of sex trafficking can be butchered. 
  • Babies whose mothers have a life-threatening condition can be slaughtered in the womb. 
  • The mother can merely sign a waiver and still get an abortion.

In fact, the language of the bills specifically forbids anyone to even mention a heartbeat to a murder-minded mother under the above circumstances! They are denied the freedom of speech to let the mother know her child is a living human being with a God-given right to life.

Further, the bills call for the abortionist to determine the presence or absence of a heartbeat! That's right; incredibly, the person who stands to profit the most from the murder of a child -- the person who who would lose their "sale" if a heartbeat were detected -- is the one who is charged with detecting it!

Recently, Sarah Cleveland, a sonographer in Ohio with over a dozen years' experience conducting obstetric ultrasounds, testified as to how easy it is to manipulate an external ultrasound probe so that a heartbeat is not detected. "I can hear a heartbeat; I can not hear a heartbeat -- depending on how I move the probe." She testified that without a transvaginal ultrasound, many beating hearts would not be detectable prior to 8 or 9 weeks, depending on the size of the baby and the mother's body type.

Please join AAFL in decrying these iniquitous decrees and calling for our legislature to protect ALL the innocent and not just SOME of the innocent.