Abortion stats are out, and it isn't pretty.

Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has released Florida's abortion statistics to date through the end of June of this year, and the results are as we expected.

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32,927 preborn children have been murdered so far this year in Florida.

More than six thousand were killed just in June (compared to last month's YTD total of 26,903)

This averages out to 182 children per day.

8 per hour.

1 child every 8 minutes.

The vast majority, 24,505, were "elective." That means the mother just decided to kill her baby for no particular reason.

7,063 women murdered their children because they would cost too much.

470 were worried enough about their own emotions to have their child butchered.

438 women decided they would be healthier if they killed their kid.

86 seriously-ill women bought into the lie that killing their baby was the only way to save their own skin.

310 babies were murdered because their parents deemed them less than "perfect."

So far this year, 55 preborn innocents have been executed for the crimes of their fathers: 48 for rape, and 7 for incest.  

Here is a breakdown of the percentages:

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These figures include medical and surgical abortions from "licensed" assassins only. The figures do not include abortions performed in hospitals, or babies sacrificed via hormonal, mechanical birth control, the morning-after pill, or IVF.

The going rate in Gainesville is $550 per kill. But even at the "discount" price of $300 per killing, Florida's child murder industry has raked in $10 million so far this year. Florida has a booming business in the killing of innocent children.

Please, please, please, become a Defender of Life! Join forces with Abolish Abortion Florida and demand our lawmakers put an end to this mass genocide. Go to our section on "What you can do right now" and Instantly Email Your Lawmakers. This will take you to the "End Abortion Now" website that will look up your house, senate and congressional district and will send an email to your own lawmakers to demand that they put forward a bill of complete abolition.

Join us in Tallahassee for the "Defenders of Life" rally during the legislative committee week, November 5 thru 8, as we attempt to educate and exhort the house and senate to the urgency of the mass genocide of Florida babies.

And pray. Pray for our babies. Pray for their mothers and fathers. Pray for our lawmakers. Pray for our state and our nation to reverse the judgment of God upon us for the shedding of innocent blood.