JULY 2020 FLORIDA ABORTION STATS - No signs of letting up...

The preborn child murder statistics for July 2020 were released in late August (even though the chart is dated August 5). The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is understandably preoccupied, dealing with an engineered pandemic. But let's not go there now . . .

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The total year-to-date abortions as of the end of July - including both pill and surgical abortions done via abortion mills -- were 41,666. What a chilling number. AHCA does not publish monthly totals, but does list its year-to-date totals on a monthly basis, more or less. The July statistics were derived by comparing June's YTD totals with July's and noting the differences.

6,138 babies were murdered in Florida by their parents throughout the month of July (July's YTD of 41,666 minus June's YTD of 35,528).

1,100 children were sacrificed because their parents thought they would cost too much. 19.5% of July's killings were done over money.

123 babies lost their lives due to their mommy's "state of mind." So far this year, that represents only 0.02% of the total killed.

90 preborn infants were killed because of mom's health issues (not life-threatening). Only 0.015%.

Only 10 women gave the excuse in July that their lives were threatened by their babies. So when someone tries to give you the "life of the mother" baloney, let them know that a) there is no such thing as a medical condition that requires a baby to be murdered in the womb in order to save a mother, and b) fewer than 0.16% - That's 16 one-hundredths of a percent, folks -- claimed their lives were in danger. (The YTD percentage for Life of the Mother is 0.19%).

55 mummies and daddies had their little ones put to death over real or imagined imperfections. This represents 0.9%.

A dozen (12) women gave their babies the death penalty because their father was a rapist. 0.2% of the total.

Only one abortion was reported to be due to incest. One. Out of 6,138. That is 0.016% (1.6 one-hundredths of one percent) of the total.

The vast majority -- 4,648 or 76% -- of children were murdered for no particular reason; simply because their parents didn't want them.

And the overwhelming majority: 5,791 or 93.9% of babies, were killed during the first trimester - their first 12 weeks of life.

For all you incrementalists out there who celebrate abortion regulatory measures such as heartbeat bills, etc., please note that nearly ALL Florida babies are killed during their earliest weeks of development when their already-beating heart might be completely missed by an ultrasound.

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While the numbers of abortions fell somewhat between June and July (by a difference of 1539 souls), there is no reason to be hopeful or to believe this is an ongoing downward trend. A number of factors could have affected the totals, such as the ease of obtaining abortion pills by mail and thus circumventing reporting; fear of covid; people being financially strapped due to employment issues; misinformation about what businesses are open; distractions over national unrest, etc. But even if there were fewer abortions, one is still too many.

Here is the breakdown for babies killed so far this year in Florida. We rounded up decimal points to the next whole number, because one cannot count a fraction of a baby.

41666 babies killed as of July 31, 2020.

41666 divided by 7 months = 5,953 per month

41666 divided by 212 days (July 31st was the 212th day of the year) = 197 per day

197 divided by 24 hours = 9 babies per hour

This still averages out to 1 baby killed every 6.6 minutes.*

So as you can see, a lower number this month is no cause for celebration.

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(*Using the formula of 9 babies per hour divided by 60 minutes = 0.15 kills per minute. 1 minute divided by .15 = 6.66. We do not round up here because the figure represents a fractional amount of time used to kill one whole baby rather than a fractional number of babies killed).